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Banners and Signs: Low-Cost Ways To Promote Your Business

I recently met a client who wanted to attract more customers to her restaurant.   She’s in a high-traffic area, the restaurant is clean, and the food is great − personally tested!    It should be a no-brainer, but she wasn’t seeing the kind of traffic she hoped for.

As we chatted about different ideas, it was clear she needed a low-cost strategy to yield big results.   Banners and signs are one of the least expensive ways to get your business noticed.  Especially when you have a new business or a unique offering, signs are a great way to attract potential customers who are driving or walking by.

Tips to use banners and signs:
  • Use outdoor vinyl signs to promote specials and/or events – the bigger and more colorful the sign, the more attention it will attract
  • Use indoor window signage as an attractive way to promote your brand and give your customers a hint of the atmosphere they can expect, ie. upscale environment; fun; unique offer
  • Use outdoor location signs to attract people from across the city
    •  When using location signs, purchase as many as your budget will allow
    • Place your signs in high-traffic intersections, and in neighborhoods or locations where your target audience lives and/or frequents
    • The bigger the better, however if you have a limited budget for outdoor location signs, purchase multiple smaller ones versus one big one so you can advertise in multiple areas
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Posted by Roger Lopez on 12th November, 2012 | Comments | Trackbacks
Tags: Banners and Signs

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